Windows Cleaning



(UPVC frame cleaning is included in the price of Window Cleaning)

Residential window cleaning

We clean windows inside and out, remove any mould or mildew build-up, and ensure your windows stay cleaner for longer thanks to the innovative cleaning products we use.

We have invested in the latest domestic window cleaning technology that utilizes 100% pure water, where it will be left slightly wet, the water will dry naturally because the water we use doesn’t contain any impurities, and the finish will be completely smear-free and glass completely crystalline.


Commercial window cleaning

We believe for all Commercial and Industrial Businesses that the appearance of their business is very important to increase the Customer Experience, so we always provide personal care and attention to detail.

We are a large enough company to deal with sizeable contracts weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. The bulk of our commercial window cleaning work is for shops, pubs, restaurants, offices, industrial units and retail outlets.